Friday, September 17, 2010

Ending of Hols

My hols is coming to and end... my gal went back to school earlier but it was only for a day as some of the pupils were given an extended break due to the UPSR... sheer happiness! 8)

2 blissful weeks. Going back to school means the usual harried year-end stuff. I had my hands full with the SUPA Camp as well as clearing up of the house these past 2 weeks. Even washed all the flower pots and their stands around the house with Other Half and our gal. I've thrown and given away sackfuls of stuff. Yet when I look around, things still look more or less the same. Unless I open the cupboards and look inside, the change can be seen. Life is like that too, I realise. What we throw out or put into our hearts... it can't really be seen... until you act. The act opens us up and lets others see us as we are!

There are major adjustments to be made too with the opening of the final semester. There will be inconveniences but there are good things behind those inconveniences too, I believe. And always, those friends who pitch in and make light those days for us. Am thankful.

It's almost the same feeling I get these days whenever the school break comes to an end... with a sigh that it's back to the grind again. Then again, without the grind, there will be no welcomed breaks! Life's twist! No pain no gain. Easy life, we become soft...

Some digression on something I witnessed this morning... was at a coffee shop taking my breakfast when I noticed a lady. First I thought she was one of the workers. But then after she threw down 2 'bangles' on the floor which made a loud clanging noise, I took a good look at her. She sat down at a table beside mine and started muttering. Her mutterings got louder; and sounded like she was angry. I went back to my reading. When I next looked up, she was squatting right outside the shop, digging into the rubbish bin and throwing its contents all over. She even hurled a bag onto the road, a taxi happened to pass by at that very moment.

From my table, I noticed she continued to mouth words with an angry expression. Everyone started looking and a few of us even told the proprietor to call the police. Then as suddenly as the anger appeared, it dissipated. She started picking up every single bit of rubbish on the road; even those she did not throw. 10 minutes later, everything was spick and span. She proceeded to the stairs of the adjacent shopping complex. There she sat, huddled; looking thin and scraggly, lost.

A drama, all within a span of half an hour or so. I felt kinda sorry for her... I know she does not want pity. She looked as though she had been under the sun a lot, probably has not taken a bath for a while, and seemingly alone.... I wonder whether there's anyone out looking for her. What tipped her over? Why the anger? The line between sanity and insanity is often very fine.


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, I used to have long list of unfinished business at the end of each school hols and regretted for not doing them. As for you,I think you have had a fruitful hols. Anyway, may you have the determination and enthusiasm for the final term of the school calender. Don't think of work. Live from hol to hol. ..... and the next one is not too far away. It is going to be about 7 weeks !!! God bless.

AJ7 said...

Thanks... nice one, live from hol to hol... LOL!


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