Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Lucky One... Nicholas Sparks

Book 39... The main character, Thibault, a marine. finds a photo in Iraq. It becomes his lucky charm. He survives more ambush, combats than most, to the point that some of his fellow marines believe that if they stick close to him, they'll die and he'll survive.

Then he gets an honourable discharge, goes home, meets up with his old marine buddy from Iraq. His buddy dies while a boat sliced into theirs on a fishing trip. He survives yet again. With some prompting from this same buddy, he sets out to find the lady in the photo, with his dog, Zeus.

He finds her in a small town, falls in love with her and fits right into her life. Suspense and thrill appear when the ex-husband tries to put a wedge.

It's a typical Nicholas Sparks book in the sense that it tugs at your heart strings....


SM Ting said...

i hv dis book but yet to read it....can't take it if the ending is sad. But DON'T TELL ME the ending. I hate it if i know the ending. My gal is into his books now. Just returned from the book fair at KLCC; she bought two of his books.

Does ur gal read Geronimo Stilton? It's on 25% discount(19.90; original price.)

AJ7 said...

Have not heard of Geronimo Stilton... will look it up; after I get back from Camp. 8)
And The Lucky One... you won't be disappointed if you read it lah. He! He!

s a r a h said...

i enjoyed this novel so much! :) am a big fan of nicholas.


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