Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pendidikan Moral...

In Pendidikan Moral for SPM they have 7 bidang (area). And this is from the first one. There are 12 nilai or values related to Perkembangan Diri or Self Development. With each one comes a definition which must be reproduced most of the time bulat-bulat.
  1. Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan (Belief in God)
  2. Amanah (Trustworthy)
  3. Harga Diri (Self Pride)
  4. Bertanggung jawab (Responsible)
  5. Hemah tinggi (Cultured???)
  6. Toleransi (Tolerant)
  7. Berdikari (Independent)
  8. Kerajinan (Hardworking)
  9. Kasih Sayang (Compassion)
  10. Keadilan (Justice)
  11. Rasional (Rational)
  12. Kesederhanaan (Moderate)
And now take all these nilai and try to measure them up against our political leaders, top figures and bosses in the civil service and see how they fare. Where the Pengetua in Johor is concerned, she'd probably fail at 8 or 9 of them. LOL!

Let's take the Siti Inshah Mansor fiasco and put it on the Perkembangan Diri yardstick and measure her. And on the other side of this same divide, we have Namewee. Both would fail equally miserably on the nilai score.... but then again, perhaps both also didn't take Pendidikan Moral at SPM level. LOL! But I am sure Ms Siti would have gotten enough teachings from Pendidikan Islam... students have to either take Pendidikan Moral or Pendidikan Islam. As for Namewee, he took the UEC and I am not sure whether he took his SPM.

So do you wonder why our students poke fun at Pendidikan Moral and label it a useless subject? Add that to the senseless memorizing of definition and silly situations, Pendidikan Moral actually teaches our young how to be 'politically correct'. Ms Siti Inshah interpreted her political masters correctly and hence came out with her diatribe....

So, even if your interpretation of the situation given contains a nilai (value) that is applicable but not listed in the mark scheme, no marks will be awarded. But in the case above it's in and full marks hence no action 46 days since her speech at the assembly.

Our measure of morality is really skewed... Pendidikan Moral equals a failed subject too.... not forgetting rote learning intensified; otak becomes kayu.


Dino said...

Morals should be taught by parents, not the school system. Not all things are black and white. So teaching it as a subject is pretty hopeless if you ask me.

AJ7 said...

Pendidikan Moral is memang a dead subject! You learn 'nothing' that you don't already know. Morals are caught by actions and observation... not all these cakap kosong.

Anonymous said...

Back in school more than 10 yrs ago, we had to memorise certain 'formulas' for Pendidikan moral, e.g., 2 nilais + 1 applikasi + 2 implikasi...or something to that effect.

And u're right, although many nilais can be identified in a specific example, but if you don't have the required 'formulas' u might as well not bother attempting to answer the question.

I got an A1 for moral....simply because I halaf-ed the formulas correctly.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Give yourself marks for getting this right - I dislike this subject, the way it is taught. Period. Why can't the subject be more tangible - learn more about community outreach etc. The values will come out clear as daylight without memorising nilais dan lain lain. Somebody up there must have the guts to revamp the syllabus.

AJ7 said...

Sometimes I feel the subject is made so rigid so that it's difficult to get the A. But kids have learned to memorize like 'siao' for it. So they've also learned to beat the system. How's that for education?

PreciousPearl said...

i think hemah tinggi = good manners, but Keadilan???? what's a political party got to do with pendidikan moral? :D

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