Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miss X and Mr Y

Chromosomes at play and this is biology. When you have X and X you get a girl. An X and a Y get you a boy. That's how they tell us boys and girls are made.

Then bring in a little Math and you realize that there is a constant and a variable. The constant here is X and the Y is the variable. In a nutshell, looks like we need X in the world. X is the girl in everyone of us. Yup! Every guy has a girl in them.. LOL!

And it is a no wonder that guys today are spending more time at the hairdresser. Nope, barbers are out! Many guys actually balk at the thought of going to the barber. I even have friends who say they won't send their sons to the barber cos they don't cut well. And you have guys who go for facials too now. There are tons of skin care products which cater for the XYs. The girl in every guy is coming to the forefront now. It's a latent thing, biologically substantiated too. LOL!

I've also noticed many teenage boys and young men looking more and more girlie these days. I sometimes find myself making remarks how 'pretty' those guys look. I guess the XXs are also finding such feminine looking guys appealing too. I wonder whatever happened to the macho and rough image....

Anyway, guys looking like gals. I guess that's another round of revolution we're going through. 100 years ago, it was the other way round, gals started to wear the pants (literally, LOL!) and look where we are now. Perhaps this is the beginning of another change; we'll soon be seeing guys staying at home, full time dad, househusband while their wives wears the pants of the family.

The order that we know twisted.... yet again. So Ms X has become a little more of a Mr. X while Mr. Y has become more of his other X. Nurture has a lot to do with that too as mothers these days spend even more time with their sons than the preceding generation. Busy generation we are!


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ 7, Yours Sincerely ( Y S) once had to share room with Mr Y while attending a course. Heshe slept with a facial and sliced cumcumber over hisher eyes. It was double bed !!! Y S insisted on another room on the pretense that Y S had infectious cough. Eeeeeeeeeeeek "gelinya."

PreciousPearl said...

x chromosome is from girls, y chromosome is from boys. what i can't understand is why in Far Eastern and other cultures it's still always the wife's fault for not producing sons... wot u think?

AJ7 said...

Well, Asian culture generally very man centric... what do you expect? So make sure you daughters are well educated so that they can fend for themselves. Always feel sorry for those ladies, especially the Middle Eastern ones, especially the poor... no road to jalan.

Anyway, you should read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert about what the medicine (wo)man in Bali does when a wife cannot conceive and her husband is the problem. The wife is called back for one-to-one treatment, minus the husband and a year down the road, a baby is born. In Bali, to fault the husband is an almost sure divorce. So, these medicine (wo)men would call in all these young men in town for a romp with the lady. LOL!


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