Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SUPA Camp 2010... Video Version

I promised the kids I will put up the video within a week.... so here it is. It's already of FB, the choice for medium of connectivity at this moment.

SUPA Camp 2010 from amech7 on Vimeo.

Watching the video brings back many of the priceless moments at the Camp. I think all who went were blessed one way or the other.

Kids are so same yet different. Each one has his/her own personality... character, even quirkiness. But one thing remains, they are all precious in God's eyes. It's been a while since I dealt with kids at this age. I am humbly reminded that as a kid around that age, I was blessed by people whose commitment and love for God made it memorable for us too. Mrs. Tay, Ms Teoh.... I recently met Mrs. Tay and at 80++ she looks really good and still can drive. And she can still call me by name! Awesome!

We showed most of it on the last night. It's a change for the kids to watch themselves starring in their own movie for a change. LOL! And I think many of them enjoyed watching their own and friends' antics.

Skits, hike, waterfall dipping, cookout on a charcoal stove, quiet time, teaching sessions... to those who made it possible, God bless you all!


Dino said...

That costume they wore looks exactly like what we wore in MYF days. LOL!!!

AJ7 said...

Ah! Some things don't change... old clothes for one! LOL! But then again, new clothes fashion are also recycled from old clothes fashion... the bell bottom for one. Ha! Ha!

SM Ting said...

That's really nice....now I must continue learning from you. Must learn to do videos too!!!!!!

AJ7 said...

SM... get a Mac! Video with Mac is easy and nice! 8)


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