Tuesday, September 21, 2010

P For Peril... by Sue Grafton

This one was a letdown cos the ending was left hanging! 8( Made me wonder whether I missed something or the ebook was not complete!

It's another one from the Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone alphabet series. The other 2 which I've read are N for Noose and U for Undertow. Murder and detective work... reading her novel is like watching the TV, suspense, action and drama; though of course you play it all out in your mind.

A doc went missing. His ex hired Millhone to investigate. The plot was twisted by his second family; young wife with a baby and a stepdaughter. Add that to some problems at workplace, you get many motives. But the end of the story sees another twist. It's light reading. Nice enough for teenagers and interesting enough to keep one glued.

And this wraps up the 40 books for the year. It isn't the meeting of a target that matters, though it helps that I was keeping track of my readings. I've still some unfinished books lying around which I'm trying to finish... one of them a biography of John Sung which is in the form of a physical book. Cannot carry it around cos it's just too thick and I'm usually beat by bedtime. So, it's still sitting in (and on) my table waiting to be finished. And I've bought a couple more other books which are lying around the house too, waiting to be read.

Reading is good. It sharpens my mind. It makes me think. Tales may be fictitious but the human mind creates stories from likely situations. Reading helps you see them and you begin to start looking at bigger pictures of things that happen in your own life. On to more books.... 8) I've 3 plus months before the year ends.... might not have so 'much' time to read after this since I've more things to do at home now.

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