Monday, September 13, 2010

Hoard, hoard and hoard...

I think it takes it takes a lot not to be a hoarder. It's still Raya break and apart from the SUPA Camp and a foray to Penang on the day the bridge caught fire, I've been doing lots and lots of clearing. But the empty and neat space makes up for the tiredness... and the lack of blogging. The mind has gone on holiday too!!! Working holiday... LOL!

It's amazing how much things one accumulates over the years. And how the things you hoard slowly take over the space in your life. And before you know it, you've no space in your heart to give away.... yup! Attachments to objects literally grow and the roots grow deep, even with 'junk'.

I must have thrown and given out a few gunny sacks of stuff.... toys, books, papers, clothes, pots and pans.... etc, etc.

We're all hoarders. Things that we get, we develop affinity, even though we don't use them at all sometimes. Then there are things which we use but then after a while lose their usefulness. We simpan them also. So, the piles continue to grow, the empty spaces in the cupboards filled up. I think space becomes a commodity as the years pass and they spill onto the corners. Dust gathers... yet still we hoard.

Most of us have this 'beh-kam' feeling of throwing things away. We store away telling ourselves that someday we might need them. And then before we know it, we'd have forgotten about them..... until you do a spring cleaning and find them.

Yet there are some who keep because the things hold sentimental values. They become keepsakes and sometimes even family heirlooms. They hold value to us because of the people (or places???) behind them.

But sometimes we hoard because we are lazy to make a decision to throw... indecision is very much a part of many of us. We don't throw cos sometimes in throwing things we're reminded of our wastefulness or that we've been spendthrifts; there's this little voice of conscience still bugging us... by hoarding we appease our guilt feelings.

I am going to try to throw or give away anything that I don't see or use for 6 months. I'd like less clutter. Filled cupboard with things not used only become roach playground or silverfish to have a field day building tunnels. Some things will be of better use given away. Keep them 10 years and you actually deprive someone its use for 10 years.

Hoarding.... it's a penyakit that many of us are afflicted with.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Have to say,I'm NOT a hoarder! I do not like keeping things unnecessarily as far as possible. I consider them as clutter and would rather give away if I have no use of them. The same goes for gifts that I receive. My folks know I have no attachment for things that I want to part. That's why my hubby says I will not ever own antiques!! And I keep reminding those in the house to declutter! - not their favourite mantra. LOL

Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ 7, cannot agree more with u. We have to unpack our baggage as we go along or else we have to drag along lots of weight and finally pay for the excess baggage. Spent last 2, 3 years doing that. Better half's Form 6 notes was among the baggage. LOL

PreciousPearl said...

hahaha! i can remember one year a long time ago when I "helped" my parents with spring cleaning. After clearing out the junk, we built a huge bonfire at the front (Pandan Jaya site). I was gobsmacked when my parents started to pull stuff off the heap at the last minute... beh-kam-buan to burn some of the stuff.

And now I am probably like that myself with the attic, boxroom and cupboards full of junk that I have forgotten/ not looked at in years :D

AJ7 said...

PP.. you had me ROFL with the story about your parents' last minute grab from the bonfire! I'm still in the clearing mood, going section by section! Threw out a couple more bags today... 8)

Dino said...

You should watch the program "Hoarders". Your hoarding problem is not that bad when you see that show.

AJ7 said...

Been watching that... horrifying! LOL! So, before my house turns into one of those, better clear, clear, clear.... *running off to clear some more*


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