Friday, April 3, 2009

Hot Acts are part of the Chinese culture...

So says says Ahmad Zahid, one of the 3 new UMNO VPs. This shows how ignorant he and many of the UMNO people are to what is culture and not. If 'hot acts' are part of the Chinese culture then it is in every culture.... just go do a search in You Tube. You'll see what I mean. LOL!

'Hot acts' to draw the crowd? that why they are drawn to power? Is that why so many hearsays are going around about the Bukit Gantang BN candidate always crossing over to Danop? What did he do there? To get his campaign acts together? Aiyo!!! When you have a culture of doling out money to garner support I guess this is how it works in the end... appealing to everything else except your brain. Make people feel good and happy so that they vote for you, the feel good factor? There are many ways to achieve that - give money, give contract, give loan, show hot acts, give free makan - I am beginning to think that it's quite fun to go for all these political ceramahs. Got a lot of goodies! This not including roads getting resurfaced, new street lights.... apparently if you go to Bukit Selambau area now and you're Indian, quite easy to secure a loan. Just for this by-election season.

Every 4 years, politicians come like Santa Claus and give freebies. Next, someone is going to say, Santa Claus is part of BN culture. Words are cheap! This Zahid guy belittles the intelligence of the people and displays a real lack of respect of women, some more coming from a supposedly pious person. Can really see that he'll bend kiri-kanan to get win support. It's Chinese support he wants now... so he said that. If it's Malay support he wants, then he'll probably kutuk these immoral acts.... masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang lembu menguak... old people in olden days really pandai. If it's Indian support? More hot acts? At least PAS more consistent at this point, though I think it's high time they start thinking also about better policies for the world than only just the afterworld.

UMNO and BN may be trumpeting their fight for equality and women's rights, etc. But in the end, their actions show one thing rather clearly though... women are just sex objects for a their political mileage. They can stoop that low to make use of women as a means to their end. Aiya!! Really tarak class lah. I think women should be insulted by their lack of respect for them.

Women in UMNO - a rather muffled lot since only one is in the top echelon. Looking at how their male counterparts view them... these sistahs still have a long, very long way to go....

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