Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ang Chau Mee Suah...

... Alor Setar. Some more quite nice one.
Hao Xiang Lai
This restaurant is located in the vicinity of Putra Medical Centre, Jln Pintu Sepuluh thereabout, next to Gromex, the advert firm. Can't miss it cos the green Gromex signboard is so big. Restaurant Hao Xing Lai is just next to it.
The inside is simple but clean, comfortable because it is air-conditioned but because there is no dampeners, voices echo around a bit.
Ang Chau Soup Pot
We had gone there earlier on the recommendation of one of our friends and found the food to be quite nice. So, I took a friend there again recently to try... a non-angchau-mee-suah friend to be exact. The ang-chau comes in this quaint little pots. It's just nice for 2 small bowls of mee suah.
Ang Chau MeeSuah
Since there were only 2 of us, we couldn't order much. This is the mee suah after being doused with the ang-chau. Verdict, well, from my non-anghau-mee-suah friend... she would go again for it! It's actually quite nice though I miss the ang-chiu smell.
Egg Plant in Claypot
We also had this - eggplant in claypot. Actually this dish is good enough to eat just with plain white rice. It's tasty enough on its own.
Stir Fried Veg
We took one of their green veg too. Quite ordinary, this one. Portions are all standard... i.e. one size orders, I think. That means if you have a bigger group, you can actually order a few types of soups. 8) The proprietor is Cantonese, by the way.

There have a range of the more 'exotic' dishes like pork/mutton tripe soup. I've tried the former; the pepper version and it was quite soothing and nice. The owner told us that we need to call ahead for the mutton tripe soup. We'll probably try that one of these days. They have a whole range of those 'healthy' soups. Prices are reasonable... not exactly cheap but it's also not on the expensive side. Tis a nice discovery.... to be able to eat ang-chau mee suah anytime away from 'home'.


emmie said...

Will try out this place when I am back again next week.

Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, we skipped this place thinking that it is a vegan joint. Will give it a try.

AJ7 said...

At this rate, must ask the owner to belanja me..... LOL, Hope you all find this place another place where you can go makan-makan.

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