Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Telekom Contractors and my Aircon Serviceman

My phone recently went slightly berserk as in it would auto answer calls coming in at random. So Other Half called up Telekom's 100 to report the fault. He was told that it would be resolved within 24 hours. Well, their contractor came and left a note stating that I was not home.... I was. I called them just after lunch but the guy said he was tied up for the rest of the day and could only attend to my line the next day. Had to make repeated calls just to get him. And he asked me to call him to remind him. Aiyo! I didn't know that I was to be someone's secretary. Dealing with all these can be very frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, the next day came and 3 guys showed up at the appointed time! First of all, they stank! They must surely know that they deal with customers and though I understand that they sometimes sweat it out in the sun, surely they could put on fresh T-shirts and pants when they go out and work every morning! Their clothes smelt like they've not been washed for a couple of days! And we had to bear with it within the confine space of the 4 walls of the house!!!!

And what was wrong? Just the tiny splitter! 3 guys to do one man's job! I can change the splitter myself. TM better do something about the image of their contractors. If my aircon serviceman had not been in my house servicing my aircons at that time, I would not have let them in cos one of them looked like a Mat Rempit. And 3 guys!!!! With all these predatory men prowling around, one cannot fault me for having my trepidations. They were extremely nosey too, wanting to see the rooms, touch things which did not concern them... and messy.

Compared that to my aircon serviceman who was doing a much 'dirtier' job. He left behind everything as it was. Water dripping from the aircon was wiped dry. Smudges were cleaned. And he was extremely sensible.

Suffice to say, I was really edgy with those guys in the house and breathed a sigh of relief when the job was done. Couldn't wait to get them out of the house! At one point when they came up with what I felt were rather improbable problems and solutions, I wanted to just cancel my line and Streamyx. I was that uneasy.

The TM contractors worked as though they are not interested for future jobs for themselves. I guess they feel TM will always contract all these repair jobs to them.... where as my aircon serviceman worked with the intention of coming back for future servicing. Open competition vs 'the-job-is-mine'.... no wonder the lack of professionalism, not forgetting the paranoia which I had to go through.... many heart thumping moments. The next time my phone line goes kaput and such kind of guys have to come make repairs.... I think I'll just cancel my subscription.

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