Wednesday, April 6, 2011

D for Deadbeat... by Sue Grafton

I'm still ploughing through Grafton's alphabet series.

A drunkard mows down 5 people. He comes out from jail with 30 grand, which he cheated from a fellow jail mate. He blew 5 on himself and decides to leave the balance to the kid whose parents he killed. That's where Kinsey comes in. She is hired to locate the boy, now 15, to give him the cashier's check. He pays her also in check her services but the cheque bounces. She should have just dropped the case.

But Kinsey was hooked after some intrigues here and there. The guy who actually gave her a false name turns out dead; death by drowning. Then she gets hired by the deceased's daughter. Police classified it as accidental death but she feels otherwise. More nosing around and it is soon suspected that he had been murdered. The guy's 'good' buddy then turns out dead too as he got too close to the truth. It's easy to suspect many as the 5 DUI deaths came from 3 families. Turns out his death was not accidental.

The murderer turns out to be the least likely suspect of all in the end.

Book 13, I did it in 2 days cos I was in the mood to read.

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