Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Country For Old Men... by Cormac McCarthy

Book 15... and this is one is violence filled; that sort of violence typically associated with drug world. Llewellyn Moss stumbles onto dead bodies while out on a hunt for animals. Alongside the bodies was a bag of money, totaling 2 million. Unknown to him, the bag of money had a transmitter. Anton Chigurh, a psychopathic killer was sent to recover the money. He is a cold, calculating killing machine, who shows no mercy to anyone. He kills anyone in his path. He has no enemies because all who stands in his way will be destroyed. He is portrayed as one having no feelings. And on the side of the law was Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, who tries to save Moss.

I thought Moss, who was a former sniper in the Army would survive his encounter with Chigurh and get to enjoy his money but it wasn't to be. I was rooting for him cos it would be like rooting for the small guy to get a break in life. But he was tracked down and killed in cold blood. Chigurh then went after Moss' wife, Carla Jean, not because she was a threat to him but simply because he had made up his mind to do so earlier on after an encounter with Moss in a gunfight. The fate of Chigurh was not made known at the end of the story.

To cut the long story short, I didn't quite enjoy this book. Though I've read books with quite a fair deal of violence in them, this one somehow just didn't go down very well with me. In fact I found this brand of violence rather disturbing cos it seems to highlight the worst of our human nature. It's disturbing because it also feels chillingly possible, going by violence meted out by e drug cartels which we read about in the news. Greed brings out the worst in us and this book seems to be that reminder of this.

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