Monday, April 4, 2011

Weissbrau... Straits Quay

Another makan outing... this time at Weissbrau, another German Bistro & Bar at Straits Quay. It was rather quiet when we got there.
After a few visits there, many of the outlets are beginning to feel the same. Anyway, we wanted to try what was available. I'd have gone for Asian food but Other Half and Daughter were more keen on the sausages....
Pork Knuckle,Shredded Fried Potato
Pork knuckles fried crispy. The skin is crispy and nice on the outside and the meat succulent inside. This order came with roesti or shredded potatoes with herbs fried in butter. First few bites were nice but one can only take that much 'oily' food before the stomach gets full.
Alsatian Sauerkreat
I opted for this... and because it is not fried, it was easier on the stomach. This is Alsatian Sauerkrat. Sausages, braised pork belly and loin were the main dish. For the side dishes I chose their garlic mashed potato which I simply loved. It was creamy with a tinge of butter taste and small bits of garlic. Of all I think I like the mashed potato the most. The sausages were tender and moist but I am not much of a sausage coinnoisseur. The sauerkrat went missing cos I forgot and ordered their market vegetables.
Our Lil One had this... Farmer's Garlic Pork Sausage... with potato salad as one of the side dishes. It's okay-lah. But our gal finished the sausage!
Service Tax
I think I've had enough of Western food for a while... at the end of the day, I still crave for something Asian cos it's lighter on the stomach. One more thing, maybe I'll go to the hawkers' for a change. Service and government taxes at such establishments can easily get one a couple of bowls of hawker fare, easy!
Gurney Plaza
We dropped by Gurney Plaza to shop after lunch; second last day of sales this round. It was a pleasant surprise to see these sensors at work in the parking bays. They made it so much easier to locate the empty lots, rather than waste time looking for one in a perpetually full car park! Just look up onto the ceiling for the green light and you know there's a parking lot available.

As for the shopping, we got ourselves our yearly ration of shoes! LOL! And books! It was nice to spend some time at MPH... went on a small book spree there! 8)
There was a Canon Fair going on and they had this what I think, is part of a 24-season Chinese drum show as part of the Fair attraction... from the USM Kungfu Club (I think). Quite nice...


Dino said...

Ice Latte = $12.80.....:O

AJ7 said...

Expensive???? That's like Starbucks' price.

Jason Wong said...


Good day! This 20th May, Weissbrau will be launching their new menu, and they have opened an invitation to bloggers to sample th new dishes and enjoy the live band and free flow of drinks.

After reading your food section, we would like to invite you to the event as we find your postings are fair and humorous.

Please do let me know your answer at by the 18th of May. Thank you.

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