Monday, April 25, 2011

Bit and Pieces... of Idiocy

Lynas Rare Earth.. till this came around, I didn't even realize that a $100 million clean-up is ongoing in Bukit Merah for a rare earth plant closed down in 1992. If it's so good for us, why aren't all the first world countries clamouring to have their own plants? You only find such plants in Inner Mongolia!!! Anyway, if it's so safe, why not build it next to Putrajaya? Leaders walk their talk, show the people it is safe. Then we can build some more plants all over the country and Malaysia will be super rich from rare earth elements production. Now, how come other countries all so stupid?? And we're the only smart ones around.

Incidentally, it seems the new class of nuclear plants will be running on thorium (which has an over 1 billion years half life... which means we'll forever be radiated by it if a Fukushima were to happen... I think)... ring any bells? One of the byproducts of rare earth thingy is thorium... could it be because we'll be killing 2 birds with one stone that we allowed something so rare in first world countries to be built in Malaysia???

Boot camp for sissy boys! Poor boys! I don't what what is more 'malu-fying'.. to be labelled a sissy or to be sent to a boot camp to be toughened. Sissy boys are aplenty these days! Good life and you only need to translate your urge to play and socialize by sending out digital signals... how not to have sissified boys? What next? "Shoe camp" for pengkid(s)??? We're a real sesat society. Go find out why we're having more sissified boys-lah. Schools so academic oriented... how to find time to go do all the boy stuff?

Bounced check after election. Some Headman cries foul cos the check he was given to buy his kampung folks' votes bounced!!! But it'll be a 'his-word-against-mine' and as usual, hard to imagine investigations being carried out, let alone actions. One cheat against another bigger cheat... now small cheat says he's cheated..... no need to sweep also already under the carpet.

We're a society of show and tell... show everything looking nice on the outside. Tell based on everything that is shown. I've just gone through a couple of days of watching this whole sessions of painting in shades of gray... where the lines between truths and untruths become so hazy that lies are legalized.... *sigh* This is a supposedly society with deep seated religious zeal.... And now there is a frenzy of doling everything up.... because people are dropping by... even those rocks of Gibraltars are moving to put on a show... albeit temporarily. When the storm moves away, they'll assume their true forms again. Maybe it's a good thing, at least books get marked, some work gets done; no matter how temporary it may be. Those visitors should just make unannounced visits....

And the most ridiculous of all... free email, first a government initiative, then evolved into a private initiative within a span of 24 hours (thanks to the digital opposition). Free with a RM50 million price tag; in an age of real free email, photo and video hosting from Google, Yahoo, Photobucket, YouTube, Vimeo. Then some more spin-offs. Apparently, government agencies save money if they use this new initiative... aiyo! Why not just use the already real free emails that we have?

And if government die-die also must use email, don't tell me that they're going to tarik electricity line to every Malaysian, even the ones who live in the deep interiors of Sarawak and Sabah? ... Oh! I forgot we can fix up solar panels!!! Or maybe build mini dams in those brooks to generate power for the computers. And if that is not enough, supply every one of those people a computer and send people to give them free lessons on how to use the email???? It's not hard to see Pemandu driving us all into the deep ravine of idiocy.... Poor Idris Jala! He's basically a good guy trying his best but up against decades of you-know-what. But maybe he's a hopelessly hopeful fler too, like me. RM50 million.... now some GN3 company will be cubing the cash into neat piles and depositing them into their bank accounts.... but birds are tweeting that CIMB has a share in that company. One of the chiefs of CIMB is super well connected, a brother of the biggest shot in the land... Malaysia Boleh... how not to go bankrupt?

Idiots, nincompoops, blockhead, cretin, jerk, pinhead, nitwit, buffoon, dumbbell........ take your pick.... for ourselves, just in case you think I am calling people names.

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