Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Pre And Post...

... the cycle repeats. Before and after. Eye opening to see the extent of election fever...

April 16th, 2011... I've never paid much attention to Sarawak State Elections... till this recent one. I remember reading a piece of news on the 14th evening that the PM had approved RM60 million for the construction of a road to link Marudu and Miri. Just like easy!!! Our politicians behave like Santa Clauses come every election. It's just that the presents got bigger this time around. The best part is winning 55% of popular votes still translate into a 2/3 majority. Guess this is what it means by more than what the eye sees.

In the US 1% of the upper class earns 25% of the country's total income. In Malaysia the top 20% earns 50% of our country's total income. And that figure is beginning to mirror the US one by the year. Interesting to note that Sarawak is supposed to be the second richest state (per capita of RM30 318) after KL (RM (50k). I've never been to Sarawak but I don't think the people there are rich. But I've been reading a lot about the select few very rich people in Sarawak on those sites which seem to have gained instant fame cos they were repeatedly hacked into. Why hack those sites if the news are untrue? Guess many of the allegations are true then. There seems to be very little effort in constructively engaging these allegations...

What's interesting about this round of election? First, of course the amount of money spent. It's amazing how much these people can come up with. The rubbish collection in Alor Setar is very bad. I'm sure the Federal Government when awarding the tender to Environment Idaman paid them handsomely too. But these days, rubbish collection sucks! We were better off under the MBAS. This is one privatization effort that clearly does not benefit the rakyat. Maybe if the election is around the corner here, they'll make sure the rubbish is not collected... so that we get really annoyed with the State Gahmen.

1Malaysia.... The office of the Sarawak CM has the right to bar individuals from the Peninsular to enter. This election, 4 people were barred.... all activists. What problem can these people cause to the people of Sarawak, I wonder. Most, if not all spoke out against corruption. I thought that is supposed to be a good thing.

So, who won? The results are out. I am no political analysts. But I learned this... greed is now a virtue. Corruption begets more reward. Those in power seem to regard their positions as a license to do as they please. Outrageous acts are committed and the perpetrators let off with hardly a slap on the wrist. Malaysia loses billions via illegal channels and no one seems to bat their eyelids much. I guess we are the ones who allow this. At the end of the day, it's about toeing the line, supporting those with means and positions. You still get the advantage. It's not just in politics. It's how we humans function. And we take a look around us, that's how it is around of us most of the time. You can even find it at work places and even the house of God!... they just take different forms.

Politicians theorized that the people will continue to vote them in as long as they buy them over. Or if they have served long, they should be let to serve till they want to quit. From democracy to despotism??? Anyway, the pot is calling the kettle black.

Today I read this in the paper... the explanation of the use of Race in the university application. It's almost laughable. Does it matter of what race? If they ever want to find out the racial breakdown, they can always do it when the students register for their courses. Having race in the application form just mean that there is room for a different sort of selection. That's Malaysia!

So, they say the Chinese will not have a representation if the Chinese BN component parties are not voted in. What does it matter? The Chinese representatives been more like puppets than real representations. They are just there to enrich themselves. If they have been speaking out, the voices must have been really soft. We've hardly had any representation to begin with. At least UMNO gave a semblance of representation, the skewed kind.

Anyway, it's just a matter of time before the rest of the races wake up and realize that the other politicians are also there to enrich themselves too. Corruption is a scourge. Eventually it affects the whole body. A matter of time. If it's 1Malaysia we're promoting, it's not supposed to matter whom my MP is as long as he does his job as he should... based on universal values.

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