Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rou gu cha KiNG

rou gu cha KiNG
Was a bit tired of Western food and we decided to go for this. Anyway, bak-kut-teh has always been a favourite with my gal. This was in Gurney Plaza, Penang. Best part is it's not as expensive as those Western restaurants.
Rou Gu Cha King Menu
This is Chinese food, fast food style, says Other Half. 8)
Bak Kut Teh
We took their Double Value Meal which had 2 types of bak-kut-teh; soupy and dry. The dry one is actually not bad. The meat was tender and there was a tinge of spiciness to it, which made food very appetizing. The meal came with the standard yu-char-kway.
Fried Popiah
And they had this popiah and guai-ling-kow; to me it's just black jelly; not very bitter this one. Guai-ling-kow is supposed to be a health dessert.
Fried HK French Bean
This is French beans fried Hong Kong style. French beans gone east. LOL! This dish is actually quite nice; nice enough to eat on its own with just plain white rice. But it was a little oily. I guess maybe that's why it was nice.
Pandan Mochi
Other Half being a mochi fan took their Pandan Mochi. It was only so-so. I had their Wu Long Pomelo Tea which was nothing spectacular.
Hodedec 11
We went to Penang for the Homedec 2011 which was held at Penang International Sports Arena. Usually we only go there for PIKOM. But this was a most interesting trip with lots of things to see. Lots of stuff to be picked up... 8) Learned quite a bit too...
Bath Tub
Here's my gal wishing real hard for this... Ever since our experience with the scrubbing that we had to do in our first house, we steered clear of bath tubs. And what we don't have, usually our kids covet... 8) Was fascinated by the array of LED lights available these days. They even have battery operated sensor lights. Very useful to just put in the house in those places which you need lighted up when you get up in the early hours.
Honda Accord 1976
Saw this on our way home when we dropped by Queensbay to grab some groceries... the first Honda Accord. Reminded me of Mr. Hong Dak King who used to have one of these, I think; the same colour too, if I'm not mistaken.

But what started out as a 'jalan-jalan, lihat-lihat' (look-see) trip ended up as a shopping spree...


PreciousPearl said...

so much to makan, so little time! lol

AJ7 said...

Ya-lor.... this one I totally agree with you.

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