Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Pau in Kaki Bukit, Perlis

It's hols and this hols and my gal has her cousin over for a couple of days. I called up Friend and we made plans to take her kids and mine to Gua Kelam. Unfortunately for us, when we got there, it rained. An added dampener to our plans was when we were told that the Flood last year had damaged the bridge in the cave. So, it was out of bounds now.

Kaki Bukit,Pau
Then Friend suggested that we try the supposedly best pau in Kaki Bukit. It is located in town just as you approach Gua Kelam. Take the turning on the right when you see a newly completed (volunteer) Fire Station. Housed in these ramshackle row of shops, the pau shop is inconspicuous and empty when we walked in. But the proprietor was on the phone. I could pick up bits that someone was trying to order pau.
Kaki Bukit,Pau
So Friend and I walked to the back to wait for him so that we could choose our dumplings. As we waited, customers started coming. Some had big orders! The paus seemed very laku. We got different types of paus. But the proprietor said he could only spare us 2 meat paus. Those that were on display were already taken. The paus were indeed very nice; fluffy and light. I managed to take a bite of the chai-pau (vege dumpling) and it was tasty and had a very appetizing smell. The filling was crunchy.
Loh Mai Kai,Kaki Bukit
But for us adults, Friend got us the loh mai kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken). They pack their loh mai kai like nasi lemak, complete with chopsticks. I guess many people must be buying this to bring for picnic since the Gua Kelam picnic area is just a few hundred metres away. The verdict?? This is definitely one of the better loh mai kai I've eaten. It's soft and seemed to have enough of everything. The chicken pieces were quite big and succulent. I thoroughly enjoyed mine even though we ate ours in the car; in the downpour!

If I do happen to pass by the area, I'll most probably drop by for these paus. But also take note... they finish very quickly. It never ceases to amaze me how people seem to find this shop with no name. Sometimes it might be a good idea to call ahead and book according to my friend, which I think is quite true since it was just after lunch time when we got there and already some type of paus were already 'out of stock'.


SuNi's Kitchen said...

Stuck up lady boss ! Just because she got the business she chooses the customers she wants to sell her pau to.

SuNi's Kitchen said...

Very stuck up lady boss !

Die, die also hers....

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