Sunday, June 12, 2011

Holiday Roundup

Two weeks just flew by so quickly. I had something on almost everyday. Outings, visits, activities, play (everyone needs to play...LOL!)' stuff to do.... I'm glad for them. I think when such things cease in our life, it would be time to to go. Meaning in life comes from time we share and the things we do with others. My sis visited a dear aunt of ours who is in her 80s. She's quite frail now after a surgery. But she was still doing what she does best.... cooking; that's who she is. Growing up, I always remember her generosity with food whenever we visited Grandma. That has not changed. Though they are not well-to-do, I am always reminded of her generosity and willingness to share whatever they have. And she is still at it. Sis says she will continue doing that until she goes. I think that's a good thing... to be able to continue doing what we deem meaningful till we go.

My nephew came for a short stay. Somehow, for some reasons, so far my nephews who come for stays at my place during their hols seem to enjoy their stay here, even though I am quite garang with them. Together with my friend, we took our kids for visits to the Science Centre, swimming, trips... and stuff that kids enjoy. I think my gal enjoyed her hols too.. There were projects.... card making, puzzle assembly, coloring, drawing, gluing.... the usual kiddy stuff.

Today, it's back to work. Can't say that I look forward to it but it's not something I dread either. Work has it's own fun sometimes. Teaching is something I enjoy, though I sometimes rant about it cos I think there is too much crap going around these days. Anyway, I'll leave those rantings when I need to lepas steam.

Hols also means the usual trip back to the kampung, which I find rather short now. I'd like to spend more time with my parents. They are growing older and time with them is becoming a precious commodity by the day.

I also had a friend's son over for some lessons.... He's been having a hard time adjusting at school. He seems to be making some progress finally. Boys and school - somehow it's more difficult for many of them to adjust to today's rigours.

The few mornings that I was able to sit on the swing by the pond, feed the fish, watch them swim, read, have a cuppa, accompanied by the soothing sounds of running water... those moments were priceless, even therapeutic. It makes me appreciate the peace and quiet that very often goes missing from my life during term time.

Ah! Everything has its own time and place.... It's been a good 2 weeks! Nice round of hols. Appreciate the time I had in my hands for the different things.


PreciousPearl said...

how time flies when you're having fun!

SM Ting said...

mine had bad case of anti-climax last night...cried; as usual...

AJ7 said...

I've been back to school for 2 days... and I think I miss the hols too! 8( My kids are cranky! I am tired! *sigh*

Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, a fruitful hols. Happy working now!


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