Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The More the Better??

For years we've been sending my cars to Nissan Service Centre for service and repairs... partly because we were happy with their service and we trusted them. During that time we also became comfortable with the familiar faces there.

That is, till recently. I notice that of late they've more staff to serve the customers and they are trying to tweak and make better their service. I guess everyone is trying to be more service oriented these days. But more does not necessarily mean better... as I've learned.

We thought we'd make a booking since their centre seems so busy these days. Other Half sent the car in after making the booking a day earlier. There were 5 people at the centre when he arrived and he was number 4. The funny thing is the fifth person got served first even though he did not make a booking. We had apparently been assigned to one of their staff but he wasn't there yet... so we had to wait.

Then near to 1 p.m. the guy called to say our car was ready. I think we were there within half an hour to collect our car. There were 2 other customers ahead of me. So I sat and waited. The lady there told me that she'd see to me after them, even though the guy who was in charge of my car had gone out. I told her I was fine with it. Then the other lady came and took my bill and told me that I could pay. I signed the form and passed her my credit card. That was when she had a change of heart... she said perhaps it was better if I waited for the guy to come back.

That, of course agitated me cos I was all ready to pay, collect my car and leave. She called him and told me that he was on his way back from lunch. I had to wait approximately another 10 minutes. By then I was fuming. Imagine having to wait to pay... these people don't want my business I supposed. And can't they just have someone do the collection at all times. There is always the courtesy call if a problem surfaces. Unless the courtesy call is just another one of those things to give a semblance of good service. Suffice to say, I paid and left. But the actions of the Nissan staff also jolted me somewhat... I pay a slight premium to have my car service and get agitated... Perhaps, it's time to go somewhere else and pay less. Just no brainer... LOL!

More does not necessarily mean better. Sometimes we get bogged down by bureaucracy and office politics; they have more people at their office now and maybe some are disgruntled, hence the tolak-tolak. More also does not mean hassle free either. And thumbs down, Nissan Service Centre up north here! After 2 cars and 10 years of continuous sending of both cars, I should thank the Nissan staff for making me realize that I could probably save more by sending my car elsewhere.....

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PreciousPearl said...

No qualms about voting with my feet if i get crap service...