Thursday, June 9, 2011

Storm Island... by Ken Follet

No 19.... This book took a while to finish cos my hands were rather full this hols....

Set during the Second World War, in England during the time of the final push to defeat Hitler, this book brought me back to that era of our history which I used to read a lot about as a kid. The story evolves around Lucy and Die Nadel or The Needle. A remarkable spy and ruthless, he finally met his 'match' in Lucy.

It's quite nice to read something about a different era. World War II, Hitler, Churchill, spies, U2 submarines, Normandy.... My first book on this topic in a long time.

Die Nadel, known by many names had a reel of film (and photos) to send back to his Fuhrer to inform him that the Allied invasion would not be in Calais. He made good escape all the way till a storm threw his boat on Storm Island, inhabited by Lucy, her paraplegic husband and an old shepherd. Some twist of romance and a woman succeeded where the whole spy machinery failed.

A fictitious read with many right historical facts, an entertaining read.


noora murni said...

Aiya...sudah keluar kah ini buku? I have his 'Fall of Giants' - about WW1

noora said...

Haha...i researched...Storm Island was written many years ago. Fall of Giants was published 2010,the first book of a trilogy. I can't wait for the second part to be published.

AJ7 said...

Old book.... yup! Didn't know you like his books! I am going to try look for Fall of Giants.