Monday, June 6, 2011

Timah Tasoh

Timah Tasoh,Perlis
We stopped here for toilet break on our way to our failed Gua Kelam trip. It's been a while since I came here. And this is a view of tranquility. With a book (or iPod/Pad) in hand, a cup of coffee I think I can sit here and just soak this all in.
Timah Tasoh
During my last trip (it has been that many years), I can't remember this viewing platform. There are stalls at the back. The place is called Dataran Terinai.
KFC,Dataran Terinai
Copycat fried chicken.... I never knew that Kelantan had its own special way of frying chicken. LOL! I wonder whether there is infringement of copyright but there is no picture of Colonel Sanders here.
On our trip back from our aborted Gua Kelam visit, we saw this signboard and decided to check it out. Tasoh Lake Resort has its own website with all its pricing and packages.
Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat
There was a guard house at the entrance but it was empty. It didn't look like there is a permanent guard there because the glass windows were already broken. We followed the sign and came to this, Lanai Besar Reception. I think Lanai means patio or veranda; something along that line. Anyway, we decided to take a drive around as we could see that the view was quite nice.
Timah Tasoh Resort
We stopped by for the kids to play.... the kids tried to make the stones skim the water with very little success. It's been years since I did this too.
Timah Tasoh Resort
Kids can just enjoy throwing stones into the water! LOL! They spent more than half an hour doing that and if we had allowed them to continue, I think it would have gone one much longer. Throwing stones can be that fun for them.
Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat
Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat is a nice place to relax for some peace and quiet. Excitement comes from outdoor activities. Night life is slightly different minus the loud and deafening music you find at clubs. You probably get entertained by the sounds of insects and night creatures.
Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat
They have cabanas with barbecue pits dotting the lakeside area. I also saw some kayaking facilities as well. There are halls and big wide spaces for kids (and adults) to run about. Situated among hills, the air is fresh and still unpolluted.
Tasoh Lake Resort
A view from one of the cabanas. I'm not sure who runs this place but there were creepers growing into one of the other guard houses that I saw. The place still looks nice though.


PreciousPearl said...

that looks like yet another abandoned govt project...

AJ7 said...

Not quite yet but don't know how they can maintain it well.

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