Saturday, June 18, 2011

A For Alibi Sue Grafton

Been having a busy and tiring last few days. Many things go through my mind but I don't seem to have the time to sit down and actually organize them into words.

This is another Kinsey Milhone Series. An old murder investigation is resurrected when Nikki comes out from jailed for a murder she didn't commit. She employs Kinsey to find out the truth. The early part of the book was interesting enough made complicated by the complex relationships. The author navigated my suspicion to the wrong guy. Anyway, Kinsey 'falls' for the murderer and they had a romantic fling.

Towards the end, the story got a big draggy when and lost its grip somewhat when it became clear that Kinsey was going to survive the ordeal. After all the book started with Kinsey saying that she had just shot some one.

I have been feeling rather tired of late and wanted something light to read. Didn't have other books at hand and so I settled for Grafton book, tested and tried where entertainment is concerned. This is a so-so book.

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