Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More iPad Apps

And it's awesome! It's 9.7" screen is just nice for viewing videos, pics, pdfs... not forgetting too more words fit into that one screen compared to my iPod and the rest of the smart phones.

New discoveries (for me) for free apps!
Kayak... this is great for those who fly. Just type in the point of origin and destination and the app will list the airlines for you; from the cheapest to the whole nine yards! And there's even a map just to make sure that you are departing from the right place and landing at your right destination!
Qwiki... Nah! Don't go thinking about the other quickie. 8) This Qwiki is a documentary on the go, cos you get video and pictorial descriptions. It's a great tool for teaching. Good research, vivid pictures. Its narration sounds robotic but it's very comprehensible. And the best thing is, it's short. Caters for the short attention span of kids. I have used it to give my gal background info on certain stuff. Other Half and Daughter have Qwiki as bedtime stories now... yesterday night, they learned about ABBA, as in the Swedish band... introducing the band responsible for the songs in the Mama, Mama Mia movie.
Historical Collection
19th Century Historical Collection... and they're free. If you are a 'the-other-older-century' buff for its lit stuff, this one is not bad. I'm currently reading "Fables For the Female Sex" by Edward Moore but do not know when I will be able to finish it as this one I read in between lots of things.

Twitter for iPad... I've been using this for sometimes, mainly to keep track of what's happening in the politicians' realms, the issues of the day, etc. I'm not much of a tweeter though. Twitter is a rave among the young, I know. Somehow, they seem to want people to know where they are, what they are doing, etc, etc.

And those 'talk-back' silly apps, like Talking Tom (the cat). They've a whole range of talking animals now. But I also see great educational value there. The kid actually gets to listen to himself talk. It's provides an alternative to teaching pronunciation! LOL! Another plus point for us adults is you can talk yourself silly to the silly animal on screen. I think it's not uncommon to find adults talking silly stuff to em, you know, the kind of talk that we usually reserve for the babies??? Whatever it is, I think it's a great way to destress also!

But my top App remains Numbers... it is so handy to have a spreadsheet at hand, it affords me the convenience to organize my data in ways never imagined before.

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SM Ting said...

thanks....will download all f dem into his ipad. D funny thing is...he's not even into's my girl n I who are fiddling n having fun wid it!!!

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