Sunday, June 26, 2011

TGIF Revisited...

My keladi plant flowered!!! 8) It was very unobtrusive. I'd have missed it if I hadn't been giving it a close look. And the flower only lasted about a day!
Braised Beef
Braised beef! The portion was too big for one. I wonder why TGIF don't make smaller portions. If 2 people go there, they must be of the same mind and heart cos one order is more than enough for 2! Anyway, the meat was tender but the sauce was too salty because of the cheese... there is a layer of cheese under all that sauce! The mashed potato in the sauce didn't do much to dilute the saltiness. We teased our gal about bringing the bones back for Barrels but she said Barrels doesn't 'eat' bones. He only takes meat. LOL!
Small Plate
Small plates! Small plates are have really small portions. Pricey for 3 mushrooms stuffed with beef! The mushrooms were way too small to stuff anything into them. But the gravy was nice with the musrooms. We were at Queensbay and ended up here cos our gal requested it.... been a while since our last visit here. TGIF! I remember how excited wewere to go there the first time. The menu has changed somewhat since our last visit.
Boneless Wings
Boneless wings... not real wings really. I was wondering how one can debone the wings. LOL! This was so-so. The sauce for the free kiddy meal was nicer than the one in the pic. Kids eat free for every main meal there. So our gal took their fish and chips.
Desserts! Served in tiny glasses which was an okay size. A full glass would probably mean an overdose of sugar and everything sweet! I took the lightest colour of the lot.

In between food binges, we spent the day mainly at the new hardware store, ACE at Queensbay. They have a wide range of hardware stuff there; many imported stuff which one doesn't get to see in our normal hardware shops. We especially like the fittings for the garden watering system which are available there.
This is our latest project; using the pond water to 'irrigate' the pots. ACE sells Claber products. And they have drippers, sprinklers, all the different types of joints to connect the pipes. One of my pots is planted with mint and it seems to be growing okay. The other two has vegetable seeds in them. There seem to be some seedlings but I won't know for sure whether they'll thrive. Being pond water, the drippers sometimes get clogged up. Excess water goes back to the pond via a hole by the side of the planter box. If this works, I think we'll probably try to plant more types of vegetables.... 8)

Anyway, we went to Sakae Sushi to finish up our free voucher before going back... kiasu!!! LOL! Actually it was more for our gal to have her pineapple sorbet. I ended up taking their nabeyaki udon with teriyaki chicken, and Other Half had his fix of moshi. 8) We walked and walked but good thing the daily trips to the gymn has given us a little bit more endurance.

Some observations here though! Toilet users at Queensbay (and probably the whole country as a whole) have problems with accuracy when using the toilets, making our toilets smelly and wet. And when we wash hands, we have this habit of splaying water onto the floor after washing our hands. The poor janitors have to keep mopping the floors to keep it clean.

Malls like Queensbay are not meant for the elderly... how to go shopping in such a huge place. Walking from one end to another proves to be a great challenge even for able bodied people. And for that reason, I think our neighbourhood sundry shops or minimarts will survive.

Daughter and I went to Daiso to look see and we got ourselves some goodies from there too!

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