Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Restoran Michelin Star

In Europe they have these Michelin stars awarded to restaurants with outstanding quality.

This restaurant is not in Europe but in Sitiawan. We had our CNY dinner there earlier this year. Located beside the local retailer Econsave, which is along the road to Lumut; this is non-Foochow dining in 'Foochow-land'.
Bak Kut
This is their pai-kut-ong or king of spareribs, cooked the usual way. They're soft and tender with just about the right flavours.
Tauhu Petola
This is tofu stir fried with black fungus and petola. The petola or luffa tasted slightly deep fried and has this nice smell. I find this rather appetizing. This is one of my favourites for the night. I think this is tasty to eat with white rice.
Sweet Sour Fish
Sweet Sour Star Garoupa. Sis and bro-in-law transported this all the way from Sabah. The restaurant chef didn't do a very good job with this one. The fish tasted a little over-fried and there seemed to be a tardy bit of lime overdose. And it was served an a chipped plate.
Sweet Sour Fish Maw
This is fish maw cooked ala-Sitiawan but didn't quite taste like the original. It was more subtle, more tomato taste with sweet enough broth. It was packed with quite a bit of seafood goodies like crabmeat (you can see one sticking out in the picture), sea cucumber and bite-sized crunchy pieces of all kinds of stuff. Daughter liked this a lot; better than the Sitiawan version. I too found it nice.
Stewed Pork
This was the last order to arrive at the table and by then we were filled to the brim. I only had a piece of it but it was nice. We ta-pau this home cos everyone was too full to stuff anything more in. This is supposed to be one of their popular dishes, I was told.

We ended up here for dinner that night cos all the other places we wanted to go were either closed or had dinners. For people like us who go back occasionally, we'd actually prefer food we grew up on; the local familiar and comforting tastes. But this was quite good though rather expensive according to Mom (dinner was on my parents). Still it was a good time together as a family, something which I appreciate more as my parents grow older.


PreciousPearl said...

wow! everything looks delicious(except the chipped dish is a bit off-putting)

All things beautiful said...

The food looks delicious from here :) Glad to hear u had a great time with your folks.

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