Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two sides to a coin..

On a morning when everyone is at school and I am off, truly glorious! So I met up with a friend for breakfast, a luxury which rarely presents itself. And I got to pick my gal up from school! 8) Anyway, friend and I had good conversation in between the wait to pick her up.

Two sides to a coin. In every conflict, disagreement, opinion, stand and what have you not, there are always two sides to consider. Yet time and again, I am reminded that we view only one side and that side is usually the one we choose to see. But anger and bitterness often times will make us see more of one side than the other.

Elephants have long memory but people have even longer memories. Long memories if used to remember the good can only bring more good. I remember Other Half's late grandmother who used to tell me again and again the hardship of 4 seasons when she was growing up in China; and how grateful she was that God brought her to Malaya.... a long memory of gratitude. Yet most of us choose to remember the things which we use to remind others of their shortcomings, inadequacies and to keep that upper hand. Her life was exemplary in remembering only what is good. And today I am reminded that I should perhaps try to emulate that.... a truly tall order! There are always 2 sides to a coin.

Words are cheap, actions cost; I guess we all know which one comes freely. And in between excuses, of course, abound. Sometimes we really try to extend our grace only to fall short either because we feel we are under siege or we are full of self righteousness. And so we continue to react from the perspective of our side of the coin. Lives are hurt as a result... both sides. And labeling becomes a way of life. We label a person obnoxious, ruthless, etc, etc... and once that is done, it stays. And whenever something else comes up, labels become a reason. And the other side of the coin becomes totally irrelevant. Disenchantment seeps in. Once that seeps in, it only breeds more disenchantments.

But yesterday when I heard news that a neighbour with whom I used to car pool with passed away suddenly, I am reminded yet again the brevity of this life of mine and how meaningless all these will be when we are called to leave this place. At the prime of one's life, with everything that one can ask for, they come to nought when the lifeless body is left behind and the living to mourn.

So, even though we only see one side of the coin, we must bear in mind that there is another unseen by us side. See that and perhaps life might be freer of hurts. Or perhaps just toss that coin away...8) Then again, who tosses coins away?

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