Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Quickie James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Patterson's books are entertaining and this one is not excluded; entertaining light reading.

Lauren is a smart and tough cop. After suspecting that Paul, her husband is having an affair she falls into one herself. Only thing is there is more than what meets the eye. She falls for a sweet talking cop, Scott. Paul kills Scott, not for the reason Lauren thinks. She goes through great lengths to cover up Paul's tracks. But Paul leads more than just the life she knows. He turns out to be a great act of a conman.

This is one cop story where cops do the vague area things and get away from it. Heroes (and heroines) don't necessarily do right. In some ways, it's a reminder that we do have to grapple with gray areas in our daily lives. Sometimes we bend even though we know we should not because we react instinctively. Then our conscience hurt us and we try to do right but somehow it just gets muddled up. This is the issue what the novel deals with mostly... good people twisting the gray shades in their lives because of so many reasons.

What quickies had to do with all the problems? They all began with a quickie and one thing led to another. No lurid details in the book though. All ends well for Lauren, who finally has a kid of her own and Paul's money... yup! He dies!

Sex and money.... and power too! The things that make our world spin, in different directions they bring us.

Book 21.... done amidst a crazy time of sports at school.


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