Monday, June 15, 2009

CTA1 in as many days...

In 2 weeks I've gone back to Sitiawan twice... This time around, I brought Other Half to the ais kacang stall at the Kg Koh market. He agrees that the loo-mien is nice... plenty of good stuff in it but the rest are just so-so.
Old Hammock @ Market
One can still literally 'hang' around the market area on this and watch the going ons... this is just beside the ais kacang stall. Life can still be idyllic despite the frenetic pace here.

'Old-old fren' dropped by with the whole family before they left for a weekend away. It was good to see her and her Other Half again.. and their boys, more so for my Other Half as he did not make the trip with me last week. Conclusion... 10 years haven't change us much.... except for some receding hairlines and 'failing' eyesights, somewhat. LOL! And of course, Son was hardly a toddler when they last saw him... He's now taller than old fren's Other Half.

We had a nice dinner with my parents at a small dilapidated looking Indian stall at Gandhi school, near Intan Hotel.
Indian Food Stall1
During the day... void of activity and people, it looks like any other shed; uninviting.
Indian Food Stall3
By evening it becomes a hive of activities. Mom says it's a popular makan place. And it sells really good mutton curry! You can either have it with tosai, chapati or rice. And it's cheap. I supposed it comes with the low overhead costs! LOL! The only snag eating there was the pesky flies.
Indian Food Stall2
Apparently flies are the talk of the town now. Recently there was a news report about the invasion of flies in Simpang Tiga (Pekan Gurney). It seems the flies have taken over the makan places. Come to think of it... I do feel that there are more flies around these days. Other Half says it has to do with the chicken rearing industry there.

After dinner I was able to help mum with her little vegetable patch outside the house. Did some digging and lugging of bricks. Other Half and Son went to catch a movie together later in the night.. father-son-bonding time. LOL! Daughter decided to play with her cousins while I decided to hang around at my parents' place. Showed mom some old pictures.


daboss said...

the loo-mien in the ice-kacang stall is definitely a GO! dem syiok...

but the stall is infested with flies... i would go my dalady... but never with dakids.

AJ7 said...

i brought my kids there. Of course my boy complained a lot about the flies. Daughter is more oblivious; too young probably. Aiya! Must exposed them to a little more 'dirt' lah.

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