Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jazzing the night...

...together with the kids at a Jazz Concert; Tay Cher Siang's WVC's Trio +1. There are very few culture stuff up here in Alor Setar. So, when Son told me that there was going to be a jazz concert, I decided to take all of them (TH, Jov, TH, Son and Daughter) out for an cultural exposure even though it was a 'lesson night'. Ticket was priced at RM20, which I thought was a great encourager for people to attend.
Jazz Concert
These guys either studied or are still studying jazz at various universities in the States. I was never much into jazz fan until more recently. But because so many of my friends were into music, the MYF, church and I was also in the school band most of secondary school life, music was something which I enjoyed even though I had no formal lessons.

Jazz... that's jazzing up the music with your own interpretation, an expression of your soul through music. Originated from New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century, it was dominated by the African Americans... one famous fler was Louis Armstrong. There's a complete history here.

And despite the individuality in the expression of each music on each instrument, the supposedly cacophony of noise when put together becomes a beautiful piece of music in its own right. Unlike the classical music, where the ensemble come together in harmony to produce music, jazz is almost on the other end of the spectrum. That's how I view jazz. Very much like abstract art, only more comprehensible... at least to me! 8)
Old Town1
Concert was followed by supper at Old Town. Tim and TH ordered the roti toast with curry. The real stuff was a let down. LOL!
Old Town2
...compared to the pic on the menu. Instead of the pieces of chicken that look so tantalizing on the pic, what they got were shreds of chicken meat lookalike. Of course the establishment also did put it in fine prints that pictures on the menu were for illustration only. Yeah! If I may add... people usually forget to read those fine prints and get sucked by the glossy pics....
Old Town3
And guess who we spotted there too... at the far end corner of Old Town. We seem to be bumping into this couple a lot... Love is in the air..... *skipping away* LOL!


mc26 said...

U din invite me... ;(

♥ debbie ♥ said...

Arrrrrghhh!!!!!!!!!! You went to watch Tay Cher Siang!???!!!! I watched his Unit Asia band play in Singapore. A Thai saxophonist, Japanese drummer and double bassist. Tak ajak... :(

AJ7 said...

Debbie, you were around??? I think publicity was not very good. If it had been, more would have gone. I found out cos Daniel went to the Konsert Perdana 2009 at Dewan Budaya the night before and as tickets were still available, I took the whole jing gang!

It was also very educational as Tay Cher Siang took the trouble to educate the audience on the intricacies of jazz music. They should hold more of such events here!

Saxophonist was Malaysian.. Julian Chan, drummer was American.. Adam Osmianski, bassist... Vincent Ong (Malaysian).. all very good!!

♥ debbie ♥ said...

yeah lor... not very good publicity... mostly by word of mouth... cher siang actually invited me for the concert but i din realise one of his stops was alor star... anyway... since daniel plays drums he should check out the unit asia drummer, hiroyuki noritake on youtube. power!



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