Saturday, June 6, 2009

Labour of love...

This gotta qualify as a mega labour of love.... from a good family friend. For Other Half and me! A really huge quilt that comes from a huge heart of gold with lotsa love.
It's a magnificent piece of handiwork. Must have taken hours of toil and labour; the kind that speaks volume of the content of heart that propels the hands to patch the pieces of cloth together and the eyes to stay open those long nights at the sewing machine.

We thank God for such friends in our lives; for the blessings that they've been... for the help and encouragement given along the way, the food sent our way ever so often (her super yummy pies, cakes, oh.. the list is super long)... God blesses her and her family!

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All things beautiful said...

Lovely quilt for a lovely couple.


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