Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I.B.I.G. @ WMC

I.B.I.G Band.... I Believe In God. It's a Christian band from Korea and they came a-visiting to WMC on Monday night. Twas yet another 'lesson' night but I took the 4 kids out just the same. Opportunities like this come rarely, so I figured it'd be worth it to bring them. And it was!
This, after all, is another contact with the outside world... in a way. We live rather insulated lives here, sometimes. Often, we think God is sombre and worship should be along that line; that God would frown if we move out of the norm which we are settled into.

Made up of talented young musicians and singers, it was quite a refreshing session of praise and worship with them. The young people probably enjoyed it lots. 8)
By the time I got there, the church was half-filled. My rough estimate... probably 400+ people there that night! The young people were ushered to the front. I went to the back of the church and watched from behind the glass partition. Was quite an uplifting time...Message was by Pastor Daniel Kim... interesting life he has led. Born in Korea, raised in Japan and America, now 'stationed' in China. He looked mighty fit... probably has lots of guys (and gals too) drooling over his build! 8) Has covered a great deal of China and was able to describe the rail journeys to the far flung corners of China; the railway line leading to Jerusalem. I am always taken up by such tales of adventure, through the rough hinterlands, the dry and windy desert... And to do what he is doing... you've got to be on fire for God!

Message was divided into 3 parts.... The Gospel, Missions and The Ultimate Goal. In a nutshell, the need for salvation and for workers to work in the fields (the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few) and the ultimate goal which is the return of the Lord. Nicely put by a young man, passionate for God's work. God bless him!

I think most people agree that it was quite a meaningful sharing... of music and the Word of God.


Anonymous said...

why you take so little pic? :(
haha... i love IBIG Band!!!

Thomas C B Chua said...

Randomshots, ai yo.. now only u r telling the world in A Star about IBIG Band! I missed it!! Should have advertised on your blog b4 the event.

AJ7 said...

Anonymous... camera was with my boy.. he isn't that trigger happy.

Thomas: Noted... didn't think of it. Thx.

Anonymous said...

ah i see... love your english!!
i love sang kyu!!!

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