Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When the intention is to deceive..

So, what does it mean to engage in deception? I looked it up and came up with this... it basically means acting in a way that leads others to believe something that is actually not true.

Deception is probably as old as life itself. The animal kingdom is filled with creatures that use 'deception' to ensure a steady supply of food. Other animals are tricked to their deaths because they are not aware of the deception trap laid out to snare them. So deception gives life on one hand and death on the other. Interesting, isn't it?

The fall of man.. part of it was deception by the Evil One. The other part was inability of Man to turn away. It takes two to tango.

Now, take that into the Man's world... do we need to deceive to survive? I guess not... But if you choose the winding and crooked path, guess deception would be a permanent feature in one's life. Deception is looked upon negatively because we, humans are supposed to have a conscience... that's what makes us different from animals.

Which brings me to my next point. What if we, the supposedly responsible adults use deception to further our cause? What if we doctor information with the intention of making people believe what is not true to be true? That would qualify as a deception, no?

I see deception at work in mundane things even at work place. Portrayal of what is not by such means. Even a little tea bag can be used as a tool of deception.... Subordinates are cajoled and coerced into becoming accomplices. And we remain silent.

Information and facts meant to deceive.... such a sad state when people who are supposed to lead failed to do so and use such unprincipled ways to score points for themselves... Malaysia Boleh! We are supposed to try to be shining beacons for the next gen, yet we succumbed to such low handed practice! Indeed shameful!

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PreciousPearl said...

eh, you sound like you've been reading/ following all the joyous news about British MP's expenses .... lol

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