Monday, June 8, 2009

Pot bless...

Holidays means this...getting together for the slightest possible reason. Karyn was back. So the ma decided to organize a pot bless. Dinner for almost 20 of us. This time we decided to do it pot bless style - each one brings something. But as usual, the hostess came up with more... a hebat dish!
This is of course one of the hebat dishes... roast! Meat was rolled up and tied. Then it was roasted over a period of slightly over 2 hours. The result! Tender and succulent meat.
Everyone brought something. We had fried chicken, mixed vegetables, lamb stew, grilled prawns, squids and fish, pasta, ice cream, good wine, 9932 (that's a lime drink) and nothing less than good company! 8) I guess eating is always more fun when done in a group also. People, food, drinks and conversations for company. 8)
Wine Holders
Cute, huh? Elf chefs and elf helpers at work while we sembang... LOL!

We watched TV together... Roland Garros is on. Game was between FedEx and Juan Martin del Porto. Anyway, Roger has won the Roland Garros and I think that made many of my friends happy. But while the tv was running, real games were also being played in our midst, kiddy ones. 8)
The small kid got the big kids... and even 'bigger kids' to play with her! LOL! The only small kid there also had a good time. I'm truly thankful for such an opportunity for my gal.

Get-togethers like this, these are what memories are made of. One more for the album... heart warming moments for us when we look back. *thumbs up*


Athena said...

wow... the roast looks very good!

AJ7 said...

yup... it was good. The meat was rolled up and tied... then roasted with filling inside!


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