Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of Karaoke and Weddings...

Wedding dinners are not something I enjoy. At my age, I rarely go... cos most of my friends' kids are not quite at the marriageable age yet. But once in a while I'd get invited to one. Dinners should actually be a nice affair... a time to meet up with some old friends, good food, conversations... but the last one is a bit difficult these days with all the loud blaring music!

Weddings and karaoke... I guess in many of us, there is a singer wannabe. Karaoke sessions found its way to wedding dinners some time back. Guess these two go hand in hand... The singer wannabe needs an audience.....have their moment in the limelight, so to say. So, in come the wedding dinners. Guests come... and are stuck there for the next 2 hours. So, some smart alec must have came up with this idea to entertain them with live performances... and karaoke soon became a must in most wedding dinners.

But if you are one who go for wedding dinners, you'd probably notice by now how loud the music and singing are. The whole room would reverberate with the music. Your ear drums really take a beating... If you are unfortunate to end up sitting in front or near where the speakers are, you'd better get ready for some damage to them. Either that or get ready with some ear plugs. Conversations become an effort cos you have to scream on top of the music... and there is no way Man can beat machine on this!

So, after a couple of minutes of futility, you'd rather sit back quietly and look at the food idiotically. It beats having to scream your vocal box broken. Ear drum dah pun broken in the first place! LOL! Dinner at weddings hence, become rather boring... cos we can't have conversations with our friends. It becomes a place made up of a cacophony of noises... the ones that I'd rather do without.

Karaoke... it's really popular with many. Some people make it a point to sing at every wedding dinner they attend. And they dress elaborately for the stage show. Guess it provides that sort of fix they need to show off their singing talent! So wedding dinners will continue to be a ready stage for these singer wannabes... not that it's bad at all! But I wish they'd tone it down a bit... Then dinner and conversations can continue while the singer wannabees carry on with their show...

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