Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tao Cuisine....

I've been wanting to try out Tao for such a long time. This was on the same day we went up Penang Hill. Dinner time was just the 2 of us as Son had opted to follow the bus. Daughter didn't want to follow cos she was wary of the hike. ;)
This is Tao at E-Gate, near Tesco as you enter Penang Island from the Bridge. But you need to make reservation at least 2-3 days before if you want to be seated inside. If not, they'll seat you outside. Place was busy enough but by the time we left, there were still empty tables inside where it is air-conditioned. The lady boss was also quite brash in the way she shoo-ed the customers out.
This was Wasabe Sary Abalone.. Japanese food usually has exquisite presentation. This dish is okay... nothing very spectacular.
Chinese Stir Fried veg... a very forgettable dish. Roadside tju-char probably cook better. Definitely a waste ordering this as it was very bland.
I think this one is Motoki scallops. One of the nicer ways of serving scallops I feel.
Can't remember what this is called but it was rather rubbery. I think we didn't order this but the waiter was very 'trigger happy' with her pen when taking down our orders.
Butter fish... not too bad. Other Half likes this. We ordered their chawan mushi which was also rather forgettable and a bowl of steamed rice. It's RM50 for eat-all-you-want, hence it's popularity as can be seen by the constant streaming in of patrons.

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PreciousPearl said...

oh dear, not a very good advert for that restaurant then!

the "rubbery" dish looks like squid/ calamari or maybe cuttlefish. Gets a bit chewy when it's overcooked...

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