Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kway Teow and Noodles...

Some of my more 'matured' friends like this place. So this was a dinner place for us...
Restoran C.H.Tay. Guess it must be the proprietor's name. Despite the restaurant tag, it's actually a place mainly for fish balls from 'ikan parang' which goes with kway teow, mee or bee hoon.
Most of us ordered this - konlo 'kway teow and mee'. It comes with the fish ball soup.
There is also the soup version, which Daughter had.
You can also order other side dishes, mostly vegetables and the pek-cham (boiled) chicken. I notice the place to be quite full sometimes. But for me, I'd rate the food as so-so... not very spectacular. But it seems quite a hit with older patrons. Maybe something to do with kway teow being easier to digest, I supposed. 8)
As for their drinks... they're machine mixed. We saw this machine by the side and was quite to see cocoa on one of the buttons. So we ordered. It was a disappointment cos cocoa was actually diluted milo.

Anyway, this makan place is off Jln Gangsa, somewhere near Tmn Pelangi. It's opposite the row of shops which houses Standard Chartered and UOB. Can't miss it cos it's so yellow signboard really stands out.

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