Thursday, June 18, 2009

The holidays are over... *sigh*

From one who is still in school.... Actually, I've been stuck in it for over 35 years! How I used to dream of "when I leave school......" Hasn't happened yet! 8)

But another round of hols is over.... 8(

And how can you tell?? Look at the eyes! Bags are forming and they carry all the lack of sleep that comes with the school term. Haggard and harried faces are in-fashion again. And everyone who has one hand or one foot in it is rushing. Madness all around! Many things have gone back to being quickies again... quickie lunches, quickie dinners, quickie baths, quickie this and that.... And especially at this time of the year; for those in the exam classes - UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM... the madness is one with earnest! Extra classes, crash courses, intensive classes, seminars, motivational talks... the list is inexhaustive! Poor sods!

Weekends are welcomed with open arms.... there's this feeling of anticipation as Thursday draws up cos you know you will heave a sigh of relief when the day is over; at least for me. This doesn't happen during the hols. Cos everyday is a weekend! And we've started our search in the calendar for PH... Public Holidays. Every single PH is embraced with great happiness!

The days seem shorter now too... not that we have daylight saving hours or whatever you call them. You start earlier but the hours don't quite add up to being enough for all the things you want to do... all the more for 'em kids, with their tuitions, piano and what-have-you-not. The driver in the ma (especially) sends and picks in earnest again too!

And FB... I am seeing less traffic of the young people on FB these last couple of days. Time on the computer has gone back to being curtailed again. The young mourn this! LOL! One of their lifelines to the outside world.

... for me, going back to school means facing 'em brats again... plenty of stories there; but that'll be ramblings for another day.

The hols are over... now to wait for the next one. Took one week for this to sink in.... 8(


Anonymous said...

You know what? On the first morning of school day (Sunday morning) I felt so lost. Thinking of the work that is awaiting and the stresses :( ..... I miss holidays.........

daboss said...

you're lucky... so many many holidays...

i'm not looking forward to travelling again next week. :o(


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