Monday, June 1, 2009

David Brown's Restaurant @ Penang Hill

While we were up in Penang Hill, we decided to check out this place. Other Half did a little homework before we went up the hill. Told us there was an 'English' restaurant up there. Anyway, he had ample time to check the place out as I was still quite a distance away from the top and was still plodding up the hill when the first group arrived. This particular restaurant is located on Strawberry Hill, another 2 minutes of walk up. Didn't see any strawberries though.
Actually it was the longing for English muffins and scones that brought us up there! Another influence from yesteryears where I got too much dose of Enid Blyton. LOL!
It's got this quaint backyard gate. Has that old English countryside feel of the storybooks. 8)
David Brown's Restaurant offers open air dining on a manicured lawn... with a breathtaking view of Penang Island down below and comfortable cool air. It's like having a picnic only that you have to dig deep to pay for your meals. 8( You can opt to have dinner in the restaurant too, no air-con. Air is cool enough all around.
There's a pond fill with beautiful lilies and it also feels like a 'well-manicured' pond.
... and on the lilies you will see these frogs. I never like frogs but these are quite beautiful.
Or you could opt for dining beside the pebble path, comes with a view of a nice garden of pretty flowers.
Their menu... be prepared to pay quite a bit more for your dining experience at this place!
Kinda like this shot... nice yellow flower with the waiter serving us food in the background.
And this... the youth and his mobile. You see them totting it everywhere, all the time... up the hill, eating places, toilets too, I think. Their reason? They need it... it's their life!
Since Son, Tim and Jovaynne also went for the hike.. we asked them to join us for lunch. Have a taste of 'fine-dining', so to say... 8) Rainbow trout, chicken pie and roast beef (clockwise). It was kinda nice to try the pie with its filling outside.
.... lamb shank. The lamb shank is quite good. 5 of us shared the food which came in rather large portions. I know I'd have difficulty finishing one on my own! Overall food was generally good.
Notice how all the 3 tea spoons are all standing and sticking out of the tea cups like sore thumbs? So much for 'fine-dining' display. LOL!


Athena said...

food is meant to sometimes we just gotta do that instead of worrying too much about the etiquette..:p

Anonymous said...

You must be joking! For the price, this was value for money for a romantic evening for two, with a view you cannot put a price on.

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