Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Reception @ Rebung...

A recent wedding dinner....
LinkTea Ceremony
at Rebung... in Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, KL.
This joint is owned by Chef Ismail and our Angkasawan. The Star did a write-up of the place during the height of interest on the latter. A photo of these 2 celebrities greet you as you enter the restaurant.
Decor was okay but things were still being put up when we got there. Other Half was supposed to be one of the photographers. Charming place..... theme was Balinese; water, wood, lamps, carvings, plants.... Balinese are steeped in Hindu culture also, so you see its influence in the Balinese deco. Dress code was smart casual.
Places of honour... awaiting the bride and groom and also the rest of the guests of honour, with the background sound of Balinese traditional music of gong chimes and sounds of water cascading down the wall.
Food was okay... fushion of the east and west. Rendang, curry, roast lamb with mint sauce, Chinese stir fried veg with mushrooms.... buffet style. But the place was quite warm as it wasn't air-con.
Bride and groom having a light moment...
Gathering of family... cheers to the new couple. Here's a toast to them the best of everything life has to offer to them.

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