Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett

2 icons of my growing up years... they are in the limelight these last couple of days. And their final goodbyes.

1st icon...Michael Jackson. For his music and dance moves. I was in secondary school and he introduced into the music world, with a big bang some more, his moon walking moves, crotch grabbing, weird ooh and ahs in his music.... I wasn't much of a fan of his music back in those early days but because they were so popular, his music kinda became familiar. Most of us kids were trying to learn his moonwalk... Inadvertently one would see a group showing off what moves they could do, usually in the evenings, as we hung out in groups after playing games.

We grew up on a staple diet of Beat It, Billie Jean and countless others. But his song (co-written with Lionel Ritchie) that caught my imagination was We Are The World... it was able to evoke a feeling of comradeship, camaraderie, a sense of belonging.... it really got to me, and the whole world I guess. It was a totally great feeling... music indeed could reach to the inner soul. And Heal The World. As a teacher that was my teaching aid for many good years... MJ had that sort of diversity in his music... you could simply not like one genre of his music but be totally bowled over his other... his is a line simply blurred by insanity and genius. His insanity... his autopsy revealed an emaciated 50kg, 5'11", bald and seemingly 'anorexic' man.

2nd icon... Farah Fawcett. One of the original Charlie's Angels. When she left the show, I remember being 'devastated'. Thought she would be irreplaceable. I just liked her on the show... not that she was my favourite Angel. Kate Jackson was. But Charlie's Angels seemed so incomplete without her. I used to wish that she'd return to Charlie's Angels... That show was one of those shows I got to watch cos Mom was a fan... so she made exceptions for us too! 8) Mom was rather strict with TV viewing times when we were growing up..

Over the years... I kinda read about the happenings in their lives. Farah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal. I used to like him from Peyton Place as the dashing young Rodney Harrington. My sis and I used to sneak out of our rooms to watch the show before being chased back to sleep by Mom sometimes. Anyway, The Weird One hogged the limelight even after he left it... allegations of child molest, dangling his child over the balcony, his marriage... all the other weird things he did to his face, skin, body...

But now... they are no more. Life is kinda temporary, don't you think? Icon yesterday, no more today! Go and live life for we do not what is in store for us tomorrow.

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