Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Semakan PLKN...

Well, it's the time of the year when everyone is frantically checking their status for PLKN... our version of a national service. It's a 3 month stint and kids like mine don't want to go cos they are put off by things like having to wake up at 5.30 a.m., washing their own clothes and other stuff...

My boy kena the PLKN lottery this time and he doesn't want to go. We think it's good for him to go. His life is too pampered. Mana got wash clothes at home? Picky about his food, I think going for this will change his palate a bit. Anyway, according to some of my friends' kids who have gone, they actually enjoyed it... free food, uniform, pocket money, get to handle real guns.... he'd probably grow up a bit more from this experience.

But the PLKN website is really swamped tonight. They should set up extra servers to cater to the expected rise in traffic with the release of the name list. One would think that after so many years of experience, they'd be smart enough to do that!

Of course there are issues of safety that will bug every parent... anyway, things are still uncertain at this point. We are not certain whether he'll be going off to study and all that... but right now, this is probably a good thing for him.


PreciousPearl said...

yikes! hope he copes well... may learn a thing or two about life as well!
Good luck Dan!

AJ7 said...

I'm trying to look at the brighter side... I don't have to feed him, clothe him or give him pocket money for 3 months! LOL! At least I get a little bit of my tax money back!

kokkok said...

even so....they should not force those poor children to go unwillingly..
is it sane enough to let our child go to a program which many has died because their careless attitude..
i really hope that the guy who want to sue this program success..
i don't want neither of my child or other to become a victim of rape and murder..