Thursday, June 25, 2009

D-Day for Teachers' Uniform

The day finally came... us teachers and our uniform. I did a piece on this some time back. I usually am rather recalcitrant about this matter. But this time I decided to comply. And this was the result.... The 3 of us agreed to be different, somewhat! LOL!
At my behest, this is the final product... a compromise I call this. We wear the 'same stuff' like everyone else... buy the same cloth... send it for tailoring.... but that's where the similarity ends. This round we decided on something slightly different. I'd like to think of a small step of preserving our individuality while compromising on collectivity... the sociology lessons that I had so long ago is rubbing itself in here. LOL! Compare the above to this...
Everyone looking like everyone else... though, at least in the this pic, there's still the 'tudung' difference. But it's still from one same piece, one design, almost the same all through out! Kinda boring.... in a way! And you could feel lost in this sea of same clothes people! 8)

I had good friends who took the trouble to find the cloth that I wanted, sent it for tailoring and also alterations.... Didn't even have to do anything except fork out the $$$ to pay for it. But having said all that, I still see not much sense in wearing the same outfit as the next colleague beside me. We are not in the business of churning out the same product. We are in the business of shaping lives and each life is uniquely different. Shaping them requires creativity and different formulae... not something out of the factory production line. Wearing the same stuff makes me feel like a factory production worker.... no need for any creativity at all or individuality for that matter... just be like the monkey next to me will suffice!


Anonymous said...

"We are in the business of shaping lives and each life is uniquely different, shaping them requires creativity and different formulae..."
Kudos, well said.

Thomas C B Chua said...

Random Shot, look like the army lah.
May be, next step, same undies....LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

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